Archive for Month: June 2016

3D Benchy

The 3DBenchy is a printer torture test – a model that challenges every aspect of a printer. On this (rather cute) boat there are overhangs, bridges, fine details, small structures, and sharp edges. All of these aspects make it an ideal print to test a printer’s quality. Here at Pingo3D we […]

Sprial Chess Piece

This awesome model (thing:470700) was printed in white PLA at 0.2mm layer height. The print was done without support, and turned out flawlessly. Enjoy!

Moai Statue

A really neat moai (thing:149271) printed at a 100 micron layer height in orange PLA. An absolutely flawless print, try to find any layer lines!

Coffee Rocket

A print in the coffee HTPLA from Proto Pasta. This is a really cool material, and it even smells like coffee! The print is a single-perimeter rocket (thing:458903) in spiral vase mode at 0.2mm layer height.

Tiki Head

A great looking tiki statue (thing:33746). Layer height of .2mm, printed in wood PLA. Wood filled PLA is very fun to work with and turns out looking great!

Rusty Pirate Coin

A really neat print showing off the multi-material capability of our printer. We used Magnetic Iron PLA from Proto Pasta, which is a filament with iron particles embedded in it. The print came out flawlessly, and afterwards the rusted effect was created with water, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. Overall a great […]