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Pingo – About the Printer

We are thrilled to bring to you Pingo, our 3D Printer! Large Build Volume Pingo boasts an impressive 200x200x200mm build volume – large by the standards of even much more expensive printers. To put that into perspective, if you were to print a hollow box as large as you could, it […]

Batman Bust

A batman bust in carbon fiber PLA, 100 micron layer height. Turned out excellently!


The “To make or not to make” skull from thingiverse (thing:441087). This print was well over 20 hours but it turned out perfectly! The support material generated by slic3r did an excellent job, and the complex overhangs and under surfaces are well formed.

Ball Bearing

A completely functional printed ball bearing, all in one print! White PLA at 200 micron layer height.


This great elephant model prints in one go and then stands up! It has joints at the front legs, back legs, and head. Printed in gold PLA from Ultimachine.      

3D Benchy

The 3DBenchy is a printer torture test – a model that challenges every aspect of a printer. On this (rather cute) boat there are overhangs, bridges, fine details, small structures, and sharp edges. All of these aspects make it an ideal print to test a printer’s quality. Here at Pingo3D we […]

Sprial Chess Piece

This awesome model (thing:470700) was printed in white PLA at 0.2mm layer height. The print was done without support, and turned out flawlessly. Enjoy!

Moai Statue

A really neat moai (thing:149271) printed at a 100 micron layer height in orange PLA. An absolutely flawless print, try to find any layer lines!

Coffee Rocket

A print in the coffee HTPLA from Proto Pasta. This is a really cool material, and it even smells like coffee! The print is a single-perimeter rocket (thing:458903) in spiral vase mode at 0.2mm layer height.

Tiki Head

A great looking tiki statue (thing:33746). Layer height of .2mm, printed in wood PLA. Wood filled PLA is very fun to work with and turns out looking great!