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Rusty Pirate Coin

A really neat print showing off the multi-material capability of our printer. We used Magnetic Iron PLA from Proto Pasta, which is a filament with iron particles embedded in it. The print came out flawlessly, and afterwards the rusted effect was created with water, salt,¬†and hydrogen peroxide. Overall a great […]

Update – May 2016

A lot has happened here at Pingo3D in the last year. From our first prototype of August 2015, the Pingo printer has gone through countless revisions, redesigns, and tests. The final model is now nearly complete (yay!) and we are ready to look at production. The ultimate aim is a […]

Einstein Bust

A test of Prototype 1 of our 3D Printer. Printed the Einstein Bust at .2mm layer height (  

‘Okay’ Hand

A test of Prototype 1 of our 3D Printer. Printed the ‘OK’ Hand at .2mm layer height (


About Pingo3D

Pingo3D is a 3D printing startup dedicated to bringing you the highest quality prints at the lowest cost. Our printer has been refined over a countless number of revisions to yield the best quality, easy assembly, and simple design.